Your Body Is A Temple


Meditation is a centuries-old practice that has been on a rise as an effective tool for stress management. Effective meditation can be hard to accomplish. Besides, how do you know if you have gone deep into meditation?

Deep meditation has a few notable characteristics:

Being completely immersed in thought. You won’t actually recognize that you’ve gone into a deep state of meditation. While you are in that state, you gradually lose awareness until you are engulfed in your subconscious.

Your breathing becomes shallow as your body becomes more relaxed. It is like going into a sleep-like state. When the body is at rest, breathing tends to be slower.

Clarity takes over. Some people have a hard time explaining this part, but it feels like you have a renewed state of mind.

Everyone has a different ritual or way of accomplishing things, but constantly looking to improve those methods is pivotal for progression. Your environment definitely plays a key role in the activities you undertake.

This is crucial in particular when you engage in practices that involve the mind at a more intrinsic level.

It might be easy to forget that simple things can contribute to an unhealthy environment. Simply having clean air around you is something that we take for granted.

Clean air in general has been linked to a higher quality of health. There is research that has shown that poor air quality has been linked to various lung diseases, including cancer.


Mindfulness meditation has soared as an activity of interest. The act itself helps you to relax, which allows you to let go of mental stress or tension. Letting this go will not immediate effects on your body.

The correlation between thoughts and actions is no secret. In fact, it is commonplace. When you clear your mind you are able to think with more fluidity, unobstructed by mental anguish. This can help promote healthy thinking.

A better mind means a better mindset. Rational thought is part of an intentional system, using it more often allows us to think with more clarity.

If you were to think more objectively, coupled with active care for your physical body, then you are more likely to follow through. A healthy body and a healthy mind are codependent on each other.