Where Are You Going?

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When we were born, we came into this world with no ability to make choices or decisions for ourselves. Our environment was solely tied to our places of birth, and we were unable to change those contributing factors until we became of age. Our school systems were designed in such a way to produce mass soldiers, the education system gave you just what they needed for you to survive and continue to live and work for them. If you happened to be misaligned with their curricula, they created a box for that too and placed you in it.

It is just like someone trying to put a goldfish next to a tree and demanding that it climb. We need to understand that we aren’t all cut from the same cloth. Some of us thrive in different environments, we just need to discover what that environment is. We aren’t the problem, we were never the problem, but the systems we’ve been placed in that governs what we think we should be, has us manipulated for their best interest. We need to align with our best self. When do we feel the most successful and happy? That’s the person you should want to be. When you gain that self-awareness and you truly understand yourself you’ll start doing what you need to do and not what you think you need to do.

Personal development is not an area that is openly taught in traditional schools. We as adults only recognize the wealth of it as we get older and wiser. In order to know oneself, we must first evaluate oneself. According to Simon Sinek, there are four critical questions that one needs to ask their inner self:

  1. What are you good at?

  2. What do you love?

  3. What does the world need?

  4. When you’ve answered questions 1 – 3, this seems like the easy part, devise a way that your passion will bring income to you.

 Most people don’t realize this but, you “find yourself when you lose yourself in the service of others,” as Gandhi once said.  This is self-actualization. The next step is you take the time and make a list of everything that you desire. Now you need to write what you want, not what you want to become. After that make a list of what you require from a relationship or friendship. This helps define your boundaries, your morals and values. You want to create a like-minded circle of intelligent people that harmonize with your energy. This will only encourage more room for future growth.

We live in a world that’s drowning in noise. There are billions of people in the world that makes it difficult to hear your own thoughts. However, it’s okay to break free from the social chains that hold us to conform to their standards. We were each born with our unique fingerprint. If we’ve been slightly distracted before, then this is where you get back to your goals. Together let’s take these steps to eliminate distractions and be reborn into greater versions of ourselves.

  • Acceptance: Let’s accept that we haven’t been giving 100% to our families, jobs, or selves.

  • Acknowledgment: See what our actions have been doing to ourselves and our lives, including those around us.

  • Accountability: Hold yourself responsible from this day forward, no one else is to blame but you. Everything that you do now, you determine its outcome, you write your story and you decide where it takes you.

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Belief: We become what we think we are and most times what others think of us. Change your belief, every morning for the first twenty minutes after you wake up, listen to positive affirmations or motivational speakers. Trust me, you’ll begin seeing a difference by the third morning.

Find your “why.” Everyone knows what they’re doing and how they’re getting it done. But, do they know why they do these things?

  1. Why do we wake up every morning?

  2. Why do we go to work every day?

  3. Why do we stay up late at the office?

What is your sole purpose or your destiny? Have you really been doing what is necessary to achieve your purpose in life? You’ll know when you discover it because it’ll make you light up from the inside out. Just thinking about doing your purpose will bring cheer to your spirit.

Wondering what will be your reward? Be proud when you succeed, no matter how big or small. You achieved it! This is what you’ve been working on and you’ve accomplished it.