The Making Of ...

The Making Of ...

The best content comes from the informed choice of putting time and effort into creating something that achieves what you want. The quality of something is relative and this applies especially to things we consume. What is the point of buying 6-inch heels when you really prefer sneakers?

Content for your business should engage your customers (and attract your potential customers) by providing something useful. At the end of it all, they should have something to take away from your business.

“Content” is a vague term. The type of medium (or media) that you utilize should be taken into consideration. Humans react differently to different stimuli. Photographs and videos are highly engaging, but text and audio can deliver more intricate information.

Always keep in mind that you are creating for an audience. It is to your benefit to know your customer base. You should already be aware of your target demographic.

With all of that technical stuff aside, you should create something enjoyable–something well-liked. Not only should you provide content that is to your audience’s liking, but is also actionable for your business. The time you use should also be deliberate. It must directly correlate with your business’s brand. Everything that you create will be a representative of your brand.

Now that we have established the wide parameters of good content, we must look closely at how we can create such content.

Creating a fully comprehensive plan is important. Getting all of this in a structured format is important for you to stay organized. A detailed plan of what you need to do will help you keep track of what you are doing for further reference.

With all the information about your audience in tow, you should now think about what they would be interested in. More specifically, anything they might be interested in that relates to your business. If you run a car rental in a tourist hub, then giving your customers information about the nearby attractions are useful. Telling your customers why they should switch their phone service providers – not so much.


Part of creating a plan is strategizing what type of content you want to produce and how you want to display that content, more specifically: the medium. Knowing your options is key here. Do you want to create a podcast, a series of videos, or a blog? Each is very different.

Podcasts are on the rise, but they are quite possibly the most underrated medium. Podcasts are great if you want to deliver/express lengthy information into more digestible pieces without boring your audience. It is suitable for people who love multitasking or are too busy to read/watch any other forum.

YouTube is to blame for this boom in the popularity of videos, but Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are making their platforms more suited for video. Streaming video is popular for serial creators and promoters. This is a great choice if you want to showcase appealing imagery or give product demonstrations. Videos are also great for putting a face or a spokesperson in front of your brand, which in turn helps you to create a relationship with your audience.

Blogs and online journals are the most common way to add valuable content to your business through your website. The posts you write should have a superb command of the written word. The style of writing you chose to employ should exemplify and reflect the relationship you want with your readers. Using images in combination with text for your blog posts can be effective in enforcing your brand and message.

It is important to note that the length (or quantity) of your content is not equal to the quality of it. People are much more appreciative of concise, meaningful messages, as opposed to something that drudges on and on and on (and so forth).In short, your content should be enjoyable for your audience, valuable for them and your business, effective in getting the message across and structured to execute the abovementioned points effortlessly.