Sloth Island

Sloths are not just lazy, sleepy-eyed arboreal mammals. They have an important role to play in the rainforests, especially on Sloth Island. That’s right — they have an entire island.

The island is located in the Essequibo River, the largest river in Guyana. The secluded swampy island isn’t just a haven for the slow animals as it is a popular destination for bird watchers and lovers of exotic creatures. For those who are looking for a unique experience, they can stay at the Sloth Island Nature Reserve.


The island (obviously) gets its name from the clumsy animals. Sloths are slow-paced animal, but their existence proves to be a vital one for the ecosystem in which they thrive. With their poor eyesight and hearing, these animals are not the top of the food chain. Their most valuable asset is their interaction with their environment.

At the Sloth Island Nature Reserve, you can view the sloths and other exotic animals in their natural habitat.