Reaching Out

Sadness is one of our primary emotions, and it is not limited by age, gender or race. When a person is sad they may feel withdrawn, may have little to no energy to do things and or be very quiet.

Sadness is not depression, but it can lead to depression if not treated properly. Depression is a serious mental health illness that negatively affects the way you think, feel and act and symptoms should last for at least two weeks before it can be diagnosed. One of the main differences is that sadness is often short-lived, but can develop into depression if left unattended to.

There are many things that can cause a person to become sad. Difficult situations, failing an exam, bad dreams, losing a loved one or job are all good examples of this.

Sadness is said to be a good motivational tool because it helps you to improve yourself. If you are always happy, there will be no need for any change because you would not feel any need to. However, this does not mean that you need to be sad or try to make yourself sad for some motivation. But rather a different outlook on how you look at Sadness in general. It also improves your judgement because of the nature of this particular emotion. This emotion promotes or correlates with a more detailed style of thinking and analyzing.

While there are a few measures you can take to prevent yourself from feeling blue. Sometimes it cannot be avoided.

Music helps us with dealing with any emotion, and sadness is no different. If you are feeling sad, try listening to your favorite song or even create an upbeat playlist to listen to in your down time.

Try doing something good. Sometimes you just can’t help it. You’re sad and it sucks. The world seems like a gloomy place but you can improve your mood by doing something good like helping a friend or even volunteering. Indulging in selfless acts can improve your mood and help get rid of sadness.


Talk to a close friend. Sometimes when we are sad, we just need someone to talk to or even listen and sympathize with us. Talking to someone may help because it provides that outlet where you have another person there with you, to listen or even to give advice helping you to feel a bit at ease.

Try to improve your well-being. Studies show that exercising and eating the right foods can improve your mood and help get rid of sadness. Meditation is another way to combat “feeling blue” because it relaxes your body and eases your mind.

If you are feeling down, this may be a bit hard at the moment but try to think about the good things in your life. It does not have to be something huge and I’m sure you can come up with a few. Figure out what exactly is making you sad and try not to overthink about it. Just remember, you are not alone and everyone goes through the same emotion in different ways and different times of their life.

Try to laugh; they say laughter is the best medicine. Good some jokes, watch some funny memes, pictures. The internet can be very amazing. Remember, sadness can be a delicate emotion and such be treated as such.

Although there are ways to get rid of sadness there are also some things you should try to avoid doing when you are sad such as isolating yourself for a period of time: this will only enhance that lonely sad feeling, drinking alcohol- drowning yourself in liquor would not help you in this situation. Listening to sad songs or watching sad movies, focusing on the past does not help either and thinking your emotions make you mentally weak- emotions are a part of life. As humans, we are allowed to feel sad just like we are allowed to be happy.

With that being said, there is a cure for the blues after all. If you know someone that is feeling blue, you can cheer them up. You don’t always have to wait until they ask for it because sometimes they don’t always know that they need it. You can help put them on the right track. It could be your parents, friend, colleague or even a loved one. If you are feeling blue, try some of the remedies. Just remember, everyone is different and not each one may work for you but don’t give up.