Pen In Hand

Pen In Hand

All you need to do is put pen to paper, not often, but frequent enough to record your thoughts. Recording your thoughts can be a simple release and a way to express yourself. Using your creativity to construct something is a way to exercise your mental capacity.

Contrary to what some may think, your creativity is not a well that can easily be drained. It is not a finite resource. Through skill and determination, anyone can develop good writing skills. Putting words on paper is more than just using ink, it is a deliberate collection of words that tell a story. This is not a mindless activity; this is something that will keep you engaged and actively thinking.

The truth is, we all can all learn to write better, not just for technical correctness. Being capable of effective expression and communication is a sought after trait in any and every field. Trying to harness your thoughts into a made of practice is one smart way to spend your spare time. More than ever, we find ourselves immersed in a world of shorthand and emojis – do not inhibit the ways you express yourself.

As mentioned before, this does not need to be done in a long stretch of hours. Whenever you have a minute to spare or when you need a quick break this is a great way to keep your mind sharp.

Writing alone would not be the only thing that can improve your written communication skills. Some say that you only write as well as you read. Taking time to explore better writing, regardless of medium, can be an escape.

Getting yourself overinvolved in repetitious work can narrow your thinking. Writing allows you to extrapolate from within in a manner that others can benefit from.

More people strive to have a work-life balance. While some people feel unproductive when they are not working, it is not wrong to step aside and do something else, especially is your stepping aside to do something that can improve the way you work.

Not everyone can turn off their mind and unwind, so channelling it into an artform can in making you more productive. Art, in whichever form, can allow you to think more abstractly and less literally. This improves problem-solving and analytical skills.

If you are hesitant or unsure about where to start, remember that a break is not supposed to be complicated. There is no ornate set-up; a simple notebook and pen will suffice. If you need a writing prompt to get started, then look at any random object near to you and begin writing. Let your mind wander and just let your hand guide the words to the page.

Even if you are just writing for the enjoyment, it is beneficial.