Online Capital


What good is any business if it doesn't have an online presence? Few can survive being totally offline for now. The future looks dim for the few that exist with a glimmer of a social media presence. 

Some small entities might not think that websites are suitable for them, after all, they are small. They only need a few customers to thrive in their local ecosystem, right? That couldn't be further from the truth. Deliberately keeping yourself offline is counterproductive. Your competition is now (at least) one step ahead of you. 

This is stressed when there is a there is a dip in your sales. There are always periods when your company won't perform the way you want it to. The only thing you can do to offset damages is to create a system where your exposure converts to sales. This means that you must create a system where you can connect your publicity to your sales – don't have two separate non-communicative entities within your business. 

The beauty of the digital age is the accessibility that we all have. It is so much easier to get yourself out there. The problem is that many feel intimidated. "I don't know about that stuff," is the common phrase of surrender. That "stuff" can make your business more profitable. 


Simply creating a website and updating it regularly is a good way to get recognized. Of course, being unique will help you stand out from a crowd. But a new problem arises: how do you upkeep a website?

By upkeep, I don't mean having a developer on call – I mean keeping your website updated with things to promote your business actively and engage your customers. Having a social media presence is great for driving traffic to your store and your website, but social media is volatile.

If you scroll through the web you will find countless "experts" who claim to have hacked the algorithm. Which one? All of them – they are social media experts. That's not to say a few of them don't know what they are doing. The ones that do won't try to sell you a cheat code for social media. Such a thing doesn't exist. 

You need to get back to reality and understand that algorithms will change and they will affect your visibility. It affects everyone and it doesn't matter if you have a million followers or not. 

Websites are your home. You own them. You create them the way you want (they are fully customizable.) When your social media isn't performing as it should, loyal customers will still venture to your website. All you need to do is keep them occupied. 

Businesses are doing everything from creating chatbots, writing blogs, or even producing podcasts for their audience. You need to make your website something your audience needs daily.