Marketing For Everyone: Nico De Bruyn

Marketing For Everyone: Nico De Bruyn

Nico De Bruyn is not shy online. He’s a digital marketer with a flair for content creation. He’s more than just an entrepreneur, he’s a budding author and speaker. His expertise in marketing comes from hands-on experience. With that, his main goal is to help businesses find their way in the digital wilderness.

He is originally from South Africa but relocated to the United States when he was 12 years old. He took the conventional route and enrolled in university to study Nutrition. After spending some time pursuing his studies, he realized that it wasn’t for him. At this point of realization, the concept for his book was born.

We’re All Marketers is a book that was written out of frustration when he was getting started in marketing.

With a keen eye, he noticed a shift in the marketing arena. He wasn’t sure if people were aware of what the possibilities were given that the Internet was maturing and evolving. It made sense that marketing would evolve with it. After spending time researching for foundational materials for marketing, he couldn’t find what he was looking for. It seemed as though what he was looking for did not exist and so he set out to create the resources he longed for. Surely, he couldn’t be the only one looking for such a thing. Searching for answers to his questions were supposed to help him become a better marketer.  

It made him more than that: he’s now a content creator and an online resource. Armed with a smile and a sharp mind, he is on a mission to leave every person a little better than he found them.

This book puts forth advice from some of the best marketers in the United States. He interviewed some of the most prolific digital marketers. These individuals are a select group of skilled guerilla marketers, growth hackers and digital media influencers who mastered their craft.

Don’t be intimidated by the contents of the book. De Bruyn made sure he’d create content that was digestible. We’re All Marketers shares stories and experiences that highlight the principles it boasts.

It highlights advice from VaynerMedia’s CCO, namely those about a brand’s role in culture; analytical storytelling from Dennis Yu; and using practical philosophy to achieve your key performance indicators from Wendy Stevens. This wealth of information is perfect for the curious mind that wants to leverage digital media for their benefit. You could put your brand behind a loud speaker and surely be heard.

The book is no bore either. The same way De Bruyn found a passion for marketing, he hopes to spread that feeling. While there is a set of principles to guide you in marketing, it continues to be an evolving practice. There is a lot of room for creativity and fun. If you had a hard time feeling excited about marketing, then it’s worth a read. De Bruyn is sure to change your perspective and make you a successful marketer.