New Communication

New Communication

Azura prides itself on being one-of-a-kind. This could not be more true with our current development model. This is a well-thought-out medium where meaningful content can reach our dedicated audience.

We were established to fill a void in publishing; this is an adaptable platform intent on creating something lasting. We are not just a serial publication. Azura has extended its reach into creative development with Azura Labs. Our methods of promotion involve a traditional setting with a modern twist, capitalising on the rising depths of social media.

Azura Avenue is a new department within Azura that addresses creative and intellectual growth. Since Azura is primarily known for producing great content with easy readability, we have expanded into helping others create high-quality materials

This inventive new addition allows creatives to receive one-on-one coaching, mentorship and guidance with the Azura team. We don't just leave you hanging. Our ongoing support specialises in assisting in structure, contextual and mechanical editing, and design.

Azura is a digital magazine driven by content. This monthly magazine was made to fill a void in the publishing industry: something modern, informative and stylish.


Azura fixates on creating content that should enrich the career-focused individuals. As the population increases, so does the demand for alternative media in the region. We are here to provide that.

A business lifestyle magazine should not only cater to the entrepreneurial side of life. The magazine is divided into four (4) categories: Living, Style, Wellness and Productivity. Each category features content that should provide “food for thought” in all aspects of life.

Content in a magazine is much more than its text; magazines are a visual medium. Our design takes many things into consideration, legibility is one of them. In a time when most people spend their time on their electronic devices, it is practical to make content easy on the eyes.

Each monthly magazine centres on a theme, an abstract title that forms the basis of what the issue’s content will be. Since Azura's debut with The Sky Issue, we have continued to create themes that are thought-provoking.

These are not relegated to only being print serial publications. Magazines are supposed to be engaging. Digital magazines have become more prominent in recent years. Digital magazines aren’t uncommon either, but unfortunately, they have a high fatality rate.

As much as these are many new publications that enjoy the attention of getting past the first issue, many do not follow a model that guarantees longevity. Ultimately, it boils down to the survival of the fittest. The most adaptable model will be able to withstand a constantly changing publishing environment.

The demand for specific types of content changes with the progression of the audience. With the current fixation on social media, it is only logical to look towards it as a way of keeping your audience