Making It Happen: Hilary O'Hare

Hilary O'Hare is no stranger to a busy day. In fact, she is an upcoming pioneer is everyday items. She's a lead machinist by day and an inventor by night. Throughout her years of being a machinist, starting as an entry level operator, there has been a yin and yang of coworkers. She works in a field that is dominated by men and they have been on a full spectrum of very supportive and friendly to very disgruntled and envious. The coworkers usually have accepted her contribution and appreciated her work. However, her job can limiting – there are no more opportunities to improve her position. Yes, women do get paid less and don’t get the same promotions.

The inspiration for her first product launch came from struggling with her own long hair. It's not enough to say that she's a busy woman: she's constantly multitasking and on the go. Because of that, she had an idea that could solve a problem. She wanted a device that would keep her hair in a bun – one that didn’t take a lot of work to put in. The idea came when she saw a yellow plastic handle from a pair of juice bottles. It looked like the shape she was thinking of just then.

Holdilocks 7.JPG

Determined to find a solution, she rolled her hair up on it just like a scroll and folded the two ends together. As she did it, she searched for a way to keep the ends from moving. All she needed was a way to secure it – and then she saw it! The tie wrap off of a bag of coffee beans worked just right: it was a little thick, but completed the bun made with the handle by securing it nicely. It held very well.

This eureka moment led to the creation of Holdilocks. O'Hare used her 3D printer to create a cutomized product. The prototypes, and the final product, are made of TPU90 which is an extremely flexible and durable material. It is like a hybrid between rubber and plastic; it won't tangle your hair. During the design phase, she make many different variations, trying to perfect the outcome.

She even found that having a slot in the middle allowed her to to put her house key or money in there for any emergency. She even found that tucking the ends of a beach towel in the slot and rolling the towel held it up without slipping. Then, she discovered that with a smaller one, she could secure her hair from blowing around while riding her bicycle and still wear her helmet on by only rolling her hair up to her neck. Being a nature lover, she was relieved to use it to strap a can of Halt™ animal repellent spray at an angle on the stem of the handle bar. By doing that, she could react quickly by just pressing the trigger when needed, not having to fumble around looking for it in a pocket. Talk about multitasking!

With a few more ideas and a creative edge, O'Hare reached out to others on social media to get her business going. She made formidable connections, and some unsavoury ones, who helped to make her dreams a reality. She found Dr. Letitia Wright, a crowdfunding specialist who consulted with her. This lead the Executive Director of the Ideas Institute, Dumas Martin Jr. Both of them were exited about her products and her many ideas. She has been able to secure leads and develop her business.

Now, Holdilocks™ is in production and is set to launch soon. O'Hare's business, Brain Fart Enterprises, not only showcases her quirky personality and her inventiveness; but it embarked on a crowdfunding campaign for two other products.

She has often needed more space to do college homework, bookkeeping, and for storing grooming cleaning products. But why bother with inexpensive stands when she could just make a better alternative for her? This is why the Lay Station™ was invented.

The Lay Station™ is a handy little device that was made to prevent bathroom mishaps. It's a space-saving table with a tilted bin at the bottom, which is deceptively simple. It is a hassle-free solution to bathroom storage. Plus, you don't have to worry about dropping your phone in the toilet!

The ideas didn't stop there – as a clean freak, she thought of a way to eliminate messy cardboard boxes of wrap in my cabinets or drawers. They weren't handy or efficient when they're hidden away when she needed them. That's why she built the Wrap-Go-Round™. It a rotating system that allows you to store multiple wraps and cut them with precision. It's hassle-free and space-saving.

O'hare's marvellous inventions will be found on her website and at select retailers.