Houses Made Of Water

Have you ever seen a house made of water? Skyscrapers are majesties made of steel and cement – all great structures have great framework. Water takes the shape of a much needed container just as your creativity needs confinement to thrive. 

Without a structure, there would be no way to observe life. You can pour water into a glass and then drink it, but what if you poured it in an open space? You'd have a mess to clean up. Your creativity needs some organization for it to make sense to an audience. 

You know you lack structure when you don't know exactly what you're doing. Wandering aimlessly in work is a strong identifier. Getting accustomed to structure will take time, but sooner is better than later. The first step is to know what needs to be done. It takes a small amount of self-awareness, but it pays off in the future.  


Adding structure to your life could start simply with adding deadlines. Once we are fluid with the requirements for important things, we get loose with how we approach those things. A simple way of implementing deadlines is to start backwards: assign a final deadline, then break the project into smaller parts with their own deadline. This will also help you to define a process.

Structure is needed everywhere your creativity is meant to shine. In your work, even if you are not in an “artistic” field, this comes in handy. Lateral thinking can be applied to any industry or sector. There is a misconception about work that lets everyone believe that creativity is reserved for the arts. Imagine how more traditional jobs can be reinvented with just the way we think.

Using a balance between your structure and the chaotic creative mind, you can create content that is more than fit for consumption.