Clearing The Air: Debunking Health Myths

Clearing The Air: Debunking Health Myths

Carbohydrates are fattening.

There is a widespread misconception that carbohydrates are fattening. While it is true that eating excess will cause weight gain, the same could be said for every other category of food. Calories are calories. Refined sugars should be taken in moderation, but foods like whole grains and beans are your main source of energy and nutrients. Cutting out carbohydrates usually results is weight loss because it cuts out a lot of your options.

Eggs are bad. Really bad.

There is a terrible rumor that had led everyone to believe that eggs will cause heart attacks just because they contain cholesterol. While yolks do have a substantial amount, having an egg or two for breakfast won’t clog your arteries.

Eating at night will make you fat.

The origin behind this tale is a bit muddy, but we all know clearly that if you eat later at night, the more you are likely to gain weight. Or so we thought. The rationale behind this is that people are generally less active at night, therefore, they would not burn the calories they intake. This actually has no effect on our weight. Calories are still calories no matter what time of the day.

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Fasting or starting short-term diets will cleanse your body.

Online you will see hordes of ‘fitness gurus’ and so-called experts declaring the miraculous powers of a juice fast or abstaining for small periods of time. This can adversely affect your health because you are removing foods that contain nutrients for you out of your diet. Natural fruit juice is healthy and good for you, but consuming large amounts of it will not detox your body. The human body is a complex machine with kidneys and a spleen that takes care of that. If you nourish your body properly then your organs will function properly.

Eating raw food is more healthy.

You hear this more commonly attributed to fruits and vegetables. The truth is that some fruits and vegetables are best eaten when cooked, and others, raw. Spinach, tomatoes and asparagus are best eaten cooked because the cellular wall is broken down with the heat and the nutrients are more easily absorbed. However, foods like broccoli, onions and peppers are best when eaten raw.