Cleaning Up

Cleaning Up

We all need that extra storage space at home to keep those Christmas decorations or those old memories from our grandparents. Many of us are guilty of storing our unused or unwanted belongings under the bed, usually with hopes of keeping them forever or until we need them.

The question is does this benefit us? At a glance, it is an ideal storage space that is not likely to get in the way of our daily routines and its great if you have a small apartment or small spaces where you do not have enough storage space. However, there is a downside that should be taken into consideration.

Storing items under your bed will harbor dust. Whether it is in a box or bag, dust will still be there, maybe not inside your stuff, but definitely under the bed. This can make cleaning a bit of a lengthy and difficult task, especially if you have a busy daily routine. If you do not clean under your bed regularly the dust build up will attract dust mites and that would be another severe problem to deal with.

It can be hard to find your stuff. Let’s face it, it is easy to hide all your unwanted belongings under your bed. It is very convenient, but it is more inconvenient when you need something from under your bed and you can’t remember which part you stored it. The unpacking and searching for your stuff can be very time-consuming, especially if you do not have the time to spare.

It supports hoarding. We all may not want to admit it, but storage spaces can promote the urge to hoard unnecessary artefacts we may never use or need. Hoarding stems from feeling secure from the items we possess, even though it is counterproductive.

It makes moving difficult. For example, you want to redecorate your room and maybe move your bed to another corner. You’d first have to clear everything from under your bed before you can move it.