Cabin Fever: What Makes A Home


The home is more than just a house. The term has been redefined more recently — it’s a place of sanctuary.

Throughout time and through different places, the mere construction that houses a familial unit has changed and evolved. The concept of family has changed. A home, more broadly, is a place that facilitates a family and the individual.

The architecture of the structure can change. The romantic nature of Notre Dame’s Gothic style was symbolic of its era. Quasimodo was right to yell, “Sanctuary!” While he is a fixture of fiction, his home, the cathedral, placed that allowed to simply exist. It became a haven for him.

While the home knows its significance as a place of gathering, it is also a place of solitude. The privacy of one’s abode is not something to be taken for granted. Even when our homes are filled with people we love, we need a place for self-reflection. During holiday seasons, some might experience a sort of ‘cabin fever’ from the well-meaning, but invading, presence of relatives.


The home is a dynamic institution and it requires the inhabitants to use it wisely. Balance is key here. There are many things that make a home, automatically connected Wi-Fi, a bed to sleep in, and a fully stocked refrigerator — to name a few things.

The best way to avoid cabin fever is to keep yourself engaged. During the holidays it might seem like a lot of things are going on, but focusing on specific things that you enjoy can help take the edge off. Just be careful to not put more on your plate than you can handle.

Speaking of plates, avoid foods that will make you feel lethargic. During the month of festivities and endless food, it is wise to not overindulge. The worst offending foods are those high in fat and carbohydrates. Another thing you should avoid is resorting to coffee too frequently.

For some of us, friction is a part of the season. When things get tense, take a step back. This is a time of the year when we put so much emphasis on trying to be happy instead of actually feeling happy. Take the high road during arguments and remember that at the end of the day family is still family.

When things become a little too hectic, as it usually does, take some time for yourself. The holidays are wroth with excitement and anxieties, so take some time for yourself. Set aside an hour every day to do nothing but sit with your thoughts. This is a simple way to help you reclaim ‘sanctuary’.