Books vs. Blogs

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Books are antiquated as they have a long history with civilization. Yet, they have stood the test of time. Even with the development of newer media, books have evolved and currently remain a fixture in the lives of many. With new digital formats and interactive technologies added, they don’t seem to be going out of fashion.

 It could also be noted by the many books being published thanks to the ease of self-publishing. Almost anyone can become an author. It might seem like almost everyone has become an author. The volume of books being published per annum is in no way a reflection of their quality. It will allow a few bad eggs to be out there, but it allows anyone with a message to deliver it to an audience.

 Words definitely have their weight and blogs have become a mainstay on the Internet. A book takes much more preparation than a blog, which is why blogs have become an easy way to publish. You could easily write a piece of any length and have it accessible to anyone who would care to read it. There is no need for you to design a book cover, create digital editions, or connect to a complex publishing platform.

 Blogs are often seen as an informal way of writing. Most of that has to do with the ease of blogging and the many amateur writers out there. However, the tide is quickly shifting as more businesses and professionals are trying their hand at blogging. For the most part, they are successful at it. Right now, it’s a fresh way to get content to their audience in a timely manner.

 With many options of delivering your message, it is not unusual to wonder about the best method. Those who want to establish themselves as an expert in their field can benefit by sharing their expertise with a published book. For some, the optics of being an author is a factor to play. Writing a book takes skill and so the title that comes with that accomplishment adds to the legitimacy of their professional standing.

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The reasoning behind this is obviously flawed. Even with the title “author” accessible to practically anyone, it is just as coveted as ever.

 Instead of concentrating on the prestige each will afford you, you should direct your attention to the purpose of each. What a book can achieve is far different from what a blog will do for you. Books are much longer and will give out detailed information about a subject area. The individual chapters are written to give you specific information about subtopics. A blog doesn’t have to focus on one area. In terms of flexibility, blogs outdo books. However, it is important to note that niche blogs tend to fare better.

 Since blogs are more flexible, they are more informal. This is fantastic for candid documentation. Of course, the tone is not set to any particular media as books can be informal too, but ongoing work is better suited to a platform that can continuously be updated. In our working space, the things around change quickly and what was published last year might not be applicable now. Yes, you could make revisions to a book and republish it, but it comes at a high cost and it is time-consuming. Media now has to be quick.

 Apart from its timeliness, blogs allow the integration of videos, audio, and images. You can’t say the same for books. They both have their own role to play so don’t think they are interchangeable. Some even believe that they could use either as a marketing tool in the business arena. Books have more weight, but they run the risk of being made obsolete quickly, but blogs are more flexible.

 If you are not sure what you want, then create a list of objectives. Knowing what you want out your communicative tools is all it really takes.