Blogging Is An Influence


Blogs are a popular way for anyone with an internet connection to connect with a person they trust. Having a website and some expertise in a field can lend some credibility to the author of the blog. Blogging has become a favoured pastime. And with a great increase, it has become an avenue for business.

Anyone with an internet connection and some curiosity will eventually find themselves on a blog or two. A fair share of people has noticed that. In fact, people are turning to blogging as a way of earning an income. Captializing on a seemingly endless audience, the opportunistic kinds see endless potential.

Right now, the world is more connected than ever. With a few taps, you can instantly find information on whatever you are looking for. Better yet, people are using accessibility to build a loyal audience. Blogging has great influence. Bloggers are great influencers.

Influencers are changing the way people react with what they see on the internet. More and more we see companies try to use them as leverage for advertising. Influencers are trusted by their audience so companies use that to their advantage.


We live in a time when the average person consumes online, but they don’t want to be bombarded with ads and sponsored work. Bloggers and online influencers now have to find creative ways to continue their work and get paid. Advertising revenue for small influencers is virtually non-existent.

The outdated model built on Google AdSense, and now sponsored content, is now quickly being questioned. How do you make money online as a blogger? Paywalls are increasingly hard to promote when there are thousands of people who are giving information away for free. The only constant for influencers is the fact that they have some degree of influence.

Follower numbers and likes fluctuate, but once you have a cohesive brand, your audience will stick with you. The main roadblock is harnessing this loyalty in a way that can sustain your work. It is like having a superpower that is ineffective. You have a great ability that you have no use for.

Some influencers are launching product lines and services to gain an income, but it still runs into the problem of selling to people. Not everyone likes being sold to. Consumption is different now; if you want to sell something it must have value and be accessible.